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Speed Reading Skills: Saving Time and Improving Comprehension

In today's rapidly advancing information age, speed reading skills carry vital importance for individual and professional success. With the widespread entry of social media into our lives, our focus level has dropped to as low as 10 seconds. In this context, speed reading training, which used to be of interest only to exam students and avid readers, has become a necessity for all age groups along with learning to read. What we will talk about here is a type of reading commonly referred to as "speed reading" in colloquial language, but in reality, it can be called "efficient reading with understanding and focus."

What is Speed Reading and How Does it Work?

Speed reading is a technique that allows you to increase your reading speed while maintaining or improving your understanding and comprehension skills. This skill enables you to process texts more quickly by utilizing your word recognition and visual processing abilities. By optimizing your eye movements and brain processing, you can double your reading speed. Scientific studies have revealed how our eyes focus on different letters during reading and how our brains rapidly process this information.

Initially, exercises used to increase focus and selectivity with rapid display of airplane images over time have been performed on quickly selecting and comprehending words, laying the foundation of today's speed reading. Speed reading training accelerates your brain's processing of information and enhances your quick understanding and comprehension. The key to achieving what we will discuss here is just as practice is very important when acquiring a new skill, acquiring this skill also depends on Technique and related practice.

Advantages of Speed Reading

While an average reader reads 150-200 words per minute, a person applying speed reading techniques can increase this number to 500-600 words per minute. This not only means time saving; it also improves your overall understanding and comprehension ability. The reason for this is our tendency to drift into other dreams or thoughts every time we pause while our mind thinks about 70,000 thoughts a day. With speed reading training, reducing the gaps between reading increases your focus and concentration, while at maximum speed, up to 700-800 words per minute, it helps you better understand the details and overall structure of the texts, providing significant advantages in your work and academic life.

Overcoming Common Reading Habits

Common reading habits like internal vocalization, word-by-word reading, inefficient eye movements, unnecessary regressions, and low concentration can slow down your reading speed. Identifying these habits and replacing them with more effective reading techniques is an important step in your speed reading journey. For example, internal vocalization, the habit of vocalizing every word you read in your mind, can reduce your reading speed. You can overcome this habit by reducing your internal voice and reading words in blocks. Internal vocalization is one of the most common problems. Imagine a person in front of you, glance quickly, and close your eyes; you have a rough idea of their eyebrows, eyes, the style and color of the clothes they wear. But while doing this, your eyes do not say in milliseconds, "he wore a gray sweater, his glasses were black." Similarly, when reading, there is no need to verbally articulate every word you see. However, since our elementary school teacher told us to read aloud while teaching us to read, and we read word by word internally vocalizing, we feel like we won't understand silent reading. This and other habits are the biggest obstacles to the efficiency of your reading. Whether you reach the age of 10 or 60, you can't overcome the habit you developed at the age of 7.

Applying Speed Reading Techniques

Effectively applying speed reading techniques helps you integrate this skill into your life. Reading text in blocks, optimizing your eye movements, and reducing your internal voice can increase your reading speed and comprehension capacity. Additionally, moving your eyes quickly over the text, reading words in groups, and reducing unnecessary regressions are also important.

Practice and Application

Regular practice is essential for developing speed reading skills. Starting with simple and understandable texts, you can improve your speed reading habits. Over time, you will be able to read more complex texts quickly and effectively. For example, you can practice by reading different types of texts such as novels or articles.

Understanding Speed Reading Techniques

One of the most common mistakes is the belief that eye muscles are developed and speed reading with understanding is achieved by quickly moving the eyes from left to right. You can develop your eye muscle by regularly looking from one corner of the wall to the other for 2 minutes without any training. The real challenge is to keep up the understanding skill with the development speed of your eye and to include the ability to deeply understand and comprehend the text.

After strengthening your eye muscle, level-based and duration-based readings are the most important parts. Because measuring how your reading speed and comprehension level change according to different types of texts and solving deficiencies based on type is very important. Various exercises and training offered at Superead will help you develop these techniques.

Step-by-Step Progress in Speed Reading Training

Superead offers modules that enable you to progress step by step in speed reading training. From beginner to advanced level, each user can receive training at their own pace and level. Your level is first measured - how much you read and understand - and then you learn techniques through video lessons. Following that, your daily practices are assigned by your instructor. The best part is that you can practice and read thousands of books and summaries for free on the system, so you no longer have to spend money on books.

Practice with Online Book Reading

Practice is as important as theory. At Superead, you can test and improve your speed reading skills in real-time by reading books of various genres. With exercise-based readings at Superead, you can solve questions while reading books, read based on time, and even compete with your friends while reading.

Speed reading is a learnable and applicable skill that offers significant benefits in personal and professional life. You can learn the fundamentals of speed reading and integrate this skill into your life, saving time and improving your comprehension ability. Speed reading is not just a reading strategy, but also a more effective method of learning and processing information.

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