Personal Data Protection And Privacy Policy

As ... (“Company”), requires the processing of certain personal data in order to continue and increase the quality of the Superead (“Superead”) service that you offer through and mobile applications. Believing in the necessity of careful processing of personal data, we are aware of the responsibility of taking the necessary measures to protect the confidentiality and security of this data. The data of all natural persons associated with the Company, including those who use the Company, its services and products, are processed within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This notice explains which personal data is processed, for what purposes, and how.

1- What personal data do we process and how do we collect this data?

User information: User name, name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, address, T.C. required for Superead users to access the services offered on the website or mobile application. information such as identification number and country of residence. This information is provided by the User while signing up.

Usage data: Information such as users' reading speed, searches, favorite authors and books, which books are read are also collected automatically as a result of User actions.

Data of website visitors (“Visitor”): Data such as IP address, browser information, country of origin of people visiting the website are collected automatically by us. In addition, traffic data is processed in order to fulfill the legal requirements in accordance with the law numbered 5651.

2- What are the special categories of personal data processed by our company?

Data belonging to users under the age of 18 are special personal data within the scope of the relevant legislation.

3- How and why do we process personal data?

The company is a platform developed to access books and other works through the Superead website and applications. In order to perform this service, the processing of personal data is required. In line with the importance we attach to the protection of personal data, we take care to process as little data as possible.

Users' data such as name and surname, user name, e-mail address and phone number are kept for the purpose of enabling users to log into the system and for authentication.

Name and surname of the users, T.C. Information such as Identity Number and address are processed for the purpose of issuing invoices and fulfilling other financial obligations.

Visitors' data is processed to analyze, plan and improve service efficiency. These data are processed by converting them into statistical data whenever possible. Another purpose of processing visitor data is to store the "traffic information" that we are obliged to keep as a hosting provider under the law numbered 5651.

Business development and R&D studies to be carried out by our company are done by anonymizing the data as long as possible.

Commercial messages are not sent to your contact information by the persons or organizations that we have contracted with, without obtaining additional permission. Granted electronic message permissions can be withdrawn by contacting our company, on the website or via the Permission Management System (İYS). The company may inform users about product and service updates via SMS or e-mail.

4- How long does our company process personal data?

Where possible, we take care to anonymize personal data and remove personally identifiable data.

User data is stored by us as long as the User's membership continues. When the user requests the deletion of the account, personal data is anonymized or deleted within a reasonable time, with the exception of legal obligations and the Company's legitimate interests.

Personal data of visitors are kept for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years in accordance with Law No. 5651 and relevant legislation.

5- With whom does our company share personal data?

As a rule, user data is not shared with third parties.

Username data is kept publicly. Each User has a profile page that contains data such as the books he reads, the books and authors he likes, his reading speed, his comments about the books or authors. The User can choose who can see the data on this profile page.

Our company's software development, database management, technical support, etc. Persons and institutions from whom services are received can access company databases and therefore personal data to a certain extent. In such cases, a commitment is made to third parties to comply with this privacy policy and necessary measures are taken.

Business management, strategy and business policy determination, providing services to the data owner in accordance with the contract, analyzing the efficiency of the service, in accordance with the legislation, in-house units, partners and Data can be shared with shareholders.

The requests of the legally authorized courts and administrative authorities, including the submission of personal data, are also met in a way that does not exceed the request.

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties and institutions not listed above for marketing or other purposes without your consent.

6- Where is your personal data kept?

Ensuring the security of your personal data is our priority. This data can be kept in the data centers of reputable domestic and international organizations that provide data hosting services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean. Although necessary to ensure security, your data will be kept encrypted. You can contact us to find out which company is hosting your data.

7- What are the rights of the data owner?

As a data owner, you can enjoy all the rights granted to personal data owners in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and the European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Some of these rights are:
- Right of access: You may obtain a sample of your data held by the Company at any time. You can also request information about how your data is processed.
- Right to rectification: You can change erroneous or outdated data from your personal data at any time.
- Right of deletion, suspension of processing and objection to processing: You can always request the deletion of your personal data or the cessation of the processing of your data.
- Right to data portability: You can always request a copy of your data suitable for transfer to another organisation.

8- About Cookies

Cookies are text files containing identifying information about you that are automatically created when you access our website or use our application with your browser.

When our website is viewed by your browser, we use cookies called cookies to enable our website to function. For example, we use cookies to keep you logged in when you log in. In addition, we collect statistical information about the use of the website with these cookies and carry out studies to improve our services.

You can adjust your preferences for the use of cookies in the settings of your device or browser.

9- Other Applications and Websites

We would like to remind you that when you switch to another application or website by clicking the links on our site or application, your data will be processed by another person or institution other than the Company.

The Company uses payment intermediaries such as İyzico [link] to accept payments from Users. If the user makes a payment by following the relevant link, you are deemed to have accepted the privacy policies of these institutions.

In addition, we use service providers such as Google Analytics [link], Yandex.Metrica [link] for analytics services. By using our website or Application, you are deemed to have accepted the privacy policies of these institutions.

10- How Do We Make Changes to the Privacy Policy?

When we make a material change to our privacy policy, we will notify data subjects a reasonable amount of time before the change takes effect. If data owners continue to receive Company services, they are deemed to have accepted the changes in the policy.

In case of a change in the processing of sensitive personal data in the policy change, we ask for your explicit consent from the data owner before the change.

11- How can you reach us?

Data Controller: Speedymemo yazilim teknoloji satis ic dis tic ltd sti
Address: merkez Hasat sk 52/1 sisli/istanbul
Email: [email protected]
For your requests regarding personal data: [email protected]