User Agreement

Article 1. The Parties and Subject of the Agreement

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”), …. (“Company”) and the persons (“User”) who use the Superead service (“Application”) offered by the Company through the domain name and mobile applications.

Article 2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

2.1 The User declares that he/she knows that he/she must approve this Agreement by providing the information requested by the Company in a complete, accurate and up-to-date manner in order to benefit from the Application. In case of a change in the information provided by the User, the User is obliged to notify the Company of the updated information as soon as possible. The Company is not responsible for not being able to access and benefit from the Application if this information is reported incomplete or untrue, or if it is not up-to-date.

2.2 If the User is over the age of 18, he/she declares that he/she has the legal capacity to conclude this Agreement. If the user is under the age of 18, consent is obtained from his Parent, if he is under guardianship, from his guardian to conclude this agreement.

2.3 The User agrees and undertakes to use the Application only for lawful and ethical activities.

2.4 In case of technical problems with the Application, the User will make reasonable efforts to identify and diagnose the problem before contacting the Company. If the User's need for technical support continues, the necessary support will be provided through the Application or other appropriate channels (e-mail, telephone, remote access, etc.).

2.5 When the user shares content created by him on the Application, he undertakes that this content is in compliance with the law, does not constitute unfair competition and does not violate any rights of another person. In accordance with the law numbered 5651, the User is responsible for the content he has created. The company does not accept any legal or criminal liability for these contents. User-created content can be freely used by the Company, including for promotional and marketing purposes, and the User does not demand any fee or benefit from the Company for this reason.

Article 3. Content of the Service Provided on the Application

3.1 The user can access the books or other works belonging to the publishers with which the Company has a contract through the Application and read these books through the Application. Access to books or other works will be via the App only.

3.2 If the user accesses a book, he/she will have added that book to his/her own library. In this case, the User will be able to access that book on the Application under the same conditions as long as his membership continues. An exception to this provision is the court decision, the decision of the competent administrative authority, or any other contractual provision that will legally bind the Company.

3.3 The books and works offered to the User through the Application may vary according to the country of residence of the User. The User acknowledges that he/she understands that he/she may lose access to certain books if he/she changes his/her country of residence. The country of residence of the User may be determined by the Company using the IP address, User statement or other technical methods.

3.4 There is also a profile page for each User on the application. On this profile page, the User may contain information belonging to him or created by him, such as the books he reads, the books he wants to read, which book he is reading at the moment, his reading speed, favorite authors, favorite publishing houses, favorite books, author and book ratings, author and book comments. . Users will be able to determine who can see the content on this Profile page through the Application.

Article 4. Membership Packages and Payment

4.1 The User will only be able to benefit from the Application in return for full and complete payment of the fees determined by the Company, with the specified payment terms and means.

4.2 The Company may also offer a free membership so that the Application can be used free of charge. The benefits of the free membership are subject to change by the Company without notice. The company can remove this membership type with a written notification in advance.

4.3 The Company may offer alternative packages for different fees and conditions during the User's subscription to the Application. The user can change or terminate the subscription package he/she uses via the Application. Changes in the features, prices or payment terms may be made by the Company on the packages.

4.4 If the Company makes changes to the features, fees and payment conditions in the alternative packages it offers, the User is informed in writing. After the user's current package expires, the changes are reflected to the User.

4.5 The User will be able to upgrade or downgrade the membership package at his own discretion. Requests for this will be met at the end of the existing membership package, unless otherwise stipulated by the Company.

4.6 Membership No refund will be made if the membership is terminated for any reason, including the termination of the Agreement, during the term.

4.7 If automatic renewal is requested by the User, the User's membership will be automatically renewed at the end of each period. If the subscription is activated with a payment agent (Google Play Store, App Store, etc.), the terms of this payment agent will apply for automatic renewal.

4.8 Payment intermediaries authorized by the Company; It will be able to store the User's credit card and payment information in order to perform membership and payment transactions or bank integration and related updates.

Article 5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 All intellectual and industrial rights, property and interests on the Application belong to the Company. The intellectual rights of the book contents offered through the application belong to the authors whose names are also specified.

5.2 The User does not have the right to copy, modify, reproduce, reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise access the source code of the software on the Application, create works with the data in the Application, in any way or for any reason. All of these mentioned rights belong to the Company.

5.3 The User undertakes to show the necessary care and sensitivity to protect the intellectual property rights of the books and other works offered through the Application.

Article 6. Disclaimer

6.1 Applications, software and other content within the scope of the Site are provided "AS IS" and in this context, the Company; The Application does not make any commitments regarding the accuracy, integrity, reliability of the software and content, that the access to the Application will be provided without any interruption or that the Application is free of errors.

6.2 The Company undertakes to show due diligence to ensure uninterrupted access to the Application. The user also accepts that access interruption may occur due to technical reasons, regulatory reasons or other reasons. The User accepts that he has the necessary technical infrastructure to access the Application and is responsible for interruptions and access problems arising from his own infrastructure.

6.3 The User is solely responsible for the use of the Application. The User agrees to indemnify the Company from any claims and demands (including litigation costs and attorney fees) that may be submitted by third parties regarding intellectual property violations, content uploaded by the User and the use of the Application.

6.4 To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive damages arising from the use of the Application, including but not limited to items such as loss of profit, loss of goodwill and reputation, and expenditure for the supply of substitute products and services. will not be liable for damages and compensation claims. In addition, the Company further disclaims any warranties of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose. The liability of the Company under this contract shall be limited to the amount of 200 (two hundred) Turkish Liras in any case.

Article 7. Privacy and Security

7.1 The Agreement is an inseparable whole with the text of the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy published by the Company. The Company will process the information and data regarding the User provided by the User or obtained through automated systems in accordance with this policy.

7.2 The User accepts by understanding that the Express Consent Statement to be given by him is related to the personal data necessary for the submission of the Application. For this reason, the User also accepts that he/she will not be able to fully access the features of the Application if the Express Consent Statement is not given by the User. In this case, the Company has no obligation. The Company pays utmost attention to keeping the data of Users in a secure and confidential manner.

7.3 The user cannot transfer his account to third parties. The User uses login information such as phone number, e-mail, username or password to log into the Application. It is the User's responsibility to protect this information, including the password. In the event that the login information is shared with third parties by the User's negligence and unauthorized actions are taken on the Application for this reason, the responsibility will belong to the User.

7.4 The User shall not engage in activities that endanger the security and integrity of the computer and network systems of these third parties if the Application is hosted by third parties; Not to engage in activities that will prevent or harm the Company's activities, the functionality of the Application, or the use of the Application by other Users; It accepts and undertakes that it will not provide unauthorized access to the computer systems where the Application is hosted or to the Application outside the scope of access granted to it.

Article 8. Enforcement and Termination of the Contract

8.1 This Agreement is made electronically by the User. shall enter into force upon its acceptance and shall remain in effect unless terminated in writing by either party. Situations such as the User's use of the Application or creating a membership through the Application mean the acceptance of the Agreement in electronic environment.

8.2 If one of the parties does not fully and duly fulfill its obligations arising from the Contract and the said contradiction is not remedied within the given time despite the written notification to be made by the other party, the Contract may be terminated by the party making the notification. If the Company makes this notification, the User's access to the Application may be suspended or limited until the violation is resolved.

8.3 If the Company terminates the contract due to the User's unlawful or ethical behavior or intellectual property violation, the User's access to the Application may be terminated or membership deleted without any notice. In this case, the User cannot demand the refund of this money from the Company, even if he has paid for the following periods.

Article 9. Other Provisions

9.1 The invalidity, illegality and unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement or any statement contained in the Agreement shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.

9.2 Changes may be made to the Agreement by the Company. Major changes to be made are notified to the User in writing at least 7 days in advance. Continuing to use the Application means that the User accepts the new terms and conditions.

9.3 The User may not transfer or assign the User account and its rights and obligations arising from the Agreement to a third party in any way.

9.4 Written notifications to be made by the Company pursuant to the Agreement can be made through the website or application, via the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the User.

9.5 In disputes between the parties, Turkish Law will be applied and Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for disputes.